Shadowless Lamp for Surgical MGE-SL3P

  • Bright, precise illumination.
  • Versatile surgical adaptability.
  • Shadow-free, glare-free performance.
  • Cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly LED technology.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.
  • Extended service life exceeding 10 years.
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Introducing the revolutionary MGE-SL3P, an exquisite dual-head LED700 petal-shaped surgical lamp that epitomizes unparalleled excellence. Boasting esteemed CE and ISO certifications, this ceiling-mounted surgical light showcases a distinctive fully enclosed streamlined design, meticulously crafted based on principles inspired by aerodynamics. Let’s delve into its exceptional attributes, seamlessly integrating influences from the foremost manufacturers of shadowless lamps worldwide.


Immerse yourself in a realm of radiant and pinpoint illumination, where each surgical procedure is illuminated with incomparable brilliance. The MGE-SL3P demonstrates unmatched adaptability, catering flawlessly to the diverse needs encompassing various surgical specialties.


Step into a realm of surgical precision, devoid of shadows and dazzling glare, ensuring unobstructed visibility for enhanced accuracy. Leveraging cutting-edge LED technology with a conscious commitment to ecological harmony, this lamp sets new benchmarks in the industry while minimizing its environmental footprint.


Effortlessly maintain the pristine condition of your surgical environment with the MGE-SL3P’s hygienic and user-friendly design. Its extended service life of over a decade bespeaks its unwavering durability and reliability.


Embrace the advanced fusion of artistic finesse and innovative engineering embodied by the MGE-SL3P dual-head LED700 shadowless lamp. Embark on a surgical odyssey where visionary aesthetics intertwine with cutting-edge excellence, casting an exquisite aura of distinction upon your practice. Illuminate your path forward with this luminary masterpiece, meticulously designed to captivate the synergy between scientific advancement and artistic expression.

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ot lights sl3p
ot light sl3p
detail sl3m
surgery light sl3p
controllor sl3n
medical lighting sl3p
shadowless lamp sl3p
medical light sl3p
medical lamp sl3p
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alm surgical lights 5 sl3

Product Paramenter

Technical Parameters
Illuminance at 1m(lux):
Color Temperature:
Color Rendering Index(Ra):
Power of Bulb:
1W * 61N / 1W*39N
50% Spot Diameter (D50):
150 mm / 150 mm
10% Spot Diameter (D10):
280 mm / 280 mm
Illumination Depth:
140cm / 140 cm
Illuminance Adjustable Range:
25% – 100%
Ultraviolet light irradiance within400nm wave length:
Focus System:
Input Power:
Temperature at surgeon’s head:
≤ 1°C
80000The Average Life Expectancy H Lamp Beads:
80, 000 Hours

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MGE-Medical packing

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ISO-9001/13485/14001/18001, CE, FDA

Factory type

Over 20 years medical equipment manufacturer




1 Pcs


Carton or wooden case


ShangHai, NingBo, TianJin, QingDao, GuangZhou

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5 Years

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