Operating Lamp MGE-SL3Q

  • Bright, precise illumination.
  • Versatile surgical adaptability.
  • Shadow-free, glare-free performance.
  • Cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly LED technology.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.
  • Extended service life exceeding 10 years.
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Introducing the MGE-SL3Q, a revolutionary dual-head LED700 petal-shaped surgical lamp that sets new standards in surgical lighting. This exceptional lamp, meticulously crafted with principles derived from aerodynamics, presents a distinctive fully enclosed streamlined design, complemented by esteemed certifications such as CE and ISO. Let us explore its remarkable features, infused with influences from the world’s top three manufacturers of shadowless lamps:


Prepare to be immersed in unparalleled brilliance and precision with the MGE-SL3Q. Its advanced LED technology guarantees an exceptional level of brightness, casting a luminous glow upon every intricate detail, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity.


Adaptability lies at the core of every successful surgical procedure, and the MGE-SL3Q surpasses expectations. With its versatile design, it caters to a diverse range of surgical specialties, serving as an indispensable tool for surgeons across the globe.


Leave behind the challenges of shadows and glare. The superior engineering of the MGE-SL3Q ensures a truly shadow-free and glare-free performance, providing surgeons with an optimized visual environment, enabling them to perform precise interventions with ease.


Embracing the forefront of innovation, the MGE-SL3Q incorporates cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly LED technology. It leads the way in sustainable illumination, significantly reducing energy consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint, making it an eco-conscious choice for surgical lighting.


Maintaining a hygienic surgical environment is of utmost importance, and the MGE-SL3Q excels in this aspect. Designed with cleanliness in mind, its features are easy to clean, upholding strict infection control protocols and contributing to enhanced patient safety.


Durability is a hallmark of the MGE-SL3Q’s exceptional quality. With a service life exceeding a decade, it offers unrivaled reliability and longevity, providing surgeons with the peace of mind they need for uninterrupted performance.


Upgrade your surgical practice with the MGE-SL3Q. Combining visionary design and technical excellence, this luminary masterpiece transcends conventional boundaries. Immerse yourself in next-level surgical lighting, where each feature converges harmoniously, embodying the wisdom and ingenuity of the world’s leading shadowless lamp manufacturers.

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Product Paramenter

Technical Parameters
Illuminance at 1m(lux):
Color Temperature:
Color Rendering Index(Ra):
Power of Bulb:
1W * 61N / 1W*39N
50% Spot Diameter (D50):
150 mm / 150 mm
10% Spot Diameter (D10):
280 mm / 280 mm
Illumination Depth:
140cm / 140 cm
Illuminance Adjustable Range:
25% – 100%
Ultraviolet light irradiance within400nm wave length:
Focus System:
Input Power:
Temperature at surgeon’s head:
≤ 1°C
80000The Average Life Expectancy H Lamp Beads:
80, 000 Hours

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Company Profile

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Packing & Delivery

MGE-Medical packing

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Brand Name



ISO-9001/13485/14001/18001, CE, FDA

Factory type

Over 20 years medical equipment manufacturer




1 Pcs


Carton or wooden case


ShangHai, NingBo, TianJin, QingDao, GuangZhou

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5 Years

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