Electrosurgical Cautery MGE-ESU3

  • 3-zone LED display for clear operating selection;
  • Advanced & accurate power output control technology;
  • Multi-function ESU with max 7 working modes;
  • Dual power output methods by hand switch or foot switch;
  • Minimal sticking & carbonization, reduce the surgery damage;
  • Auto detection of impedance to protect the patient (REM function);
  • Different & adjustable operation sounds in case of misoperation;
  • Support underwater cutting (TURP etc).
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Electrosurgical Cautery MGE-ESU3

  • 1. MGE-ESU3 is a multi-function high frequency electrotome, with 7 working modes, 2-way power output and stable pertormance
  • 2. Unipolar power: 0-300W. Bipolar power: 0-100W, meeting all kinds of surgical needs, suitable for general department
  • 3. 7 working modes:(1) Pure cutting, (2) Mixed cutting 1, (3) Mixed cutting 2, (4) Standard coagulation, (5)Sparying coagulation, (6)Bipolar 1, (7) Bipolar 2.
  • 4. Neutral plate monitoring svstem: Automatic Measurement of contact gualitv between Plate and skin. If contact resistance is less than 140 Ω. host computer alarm and stop output.
  • 5. Fullv suspended CF tvpe with short circuit protection svstem. If overload and short circuit occur in Unipolar or Bipolar power use, the host computer can protect itselt to ensure normal output.
  • 6. Design with double CPU: The core storage is reliable. The database is powerful enough to deal with various impedance changes in use, output is stable.
  • 7. Instantaneous switching cutting and coagulation output under manual operation. The host computer with suitable accessorles can be usea in laparoscopic isoscopes surgery.

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electrosurgical cautery esu3
Electrocauterio quirúrgico esu3
esu Features esu3
esu cautery esu3
esu esu3
bovie electrocautery esu3

Product Paramenter

110-230V, 50-60Hz
Working frequency
330KHz ~ 460KHz
Leakage currents to ground
Less than 0.5mA
Leakage currents to patient
Less than 0.01mA
Environmental temperature range
5°C~ 40°C
Relative moisture range
Atmosphere pressure range
86.0 ~ 106.0 Kpa

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